Letter Sense

Using kinesthetic and mutlisensory learning letter sense offers a brilliant introduction to letters and their sounds. Children manipulate natural items and use their little hands to "make" letters and play with manipulatives targeting fine motor development and vital early literacy skills. Important little hand muscles get a workout and hand-eye coordination is developed making their letter exploration a fun journey towards mastery!

Monet's Brushes

Children are introduced to some of history's most significant works of art! We will explore colors, texture and let loose on a blank canvas with eager strokes of colorful genius. Each child will create their own timeless versions of famous masterpieces!

Math Mania

3 yr olds love math! They love the play of shapes, numbers, quantity and sequence. In Math Mania, children use natural manipulatives to become acquainted with vital mathematical concepts that surround them every day! While creatively using their senses and movement to develop their understandings,  deep connections are made via intelligent, age appropriate problem solving.

Nature Noodles

Nature Noodles is a beautiful workshop exploring the world around us from the perspective of a 3 yr old child. Topics range from plant life to animal families ... encouraging the exploration of new concpets! Children touch, feel, dig, plant, observe and question everything making for a rich learning experience.

Music Madness

Children are introduced to string instruments and the sounds of classical music. While exploring fun stories about famous composers, our little owls will construct their own instruments and further develop both gross and fine motor skills through creative musical play!