Mini Writers

Mini Writers is a wonderful starting point to the writing experience! Using auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic drills, phonics are introduced in a playful multisensory way! Little Owl's build a comprehensive foundation as future readers!

Me Art Studio

Me Art is the place to be as our little owls explore self expression through art! While exploring colors, shapes and strokes, children work to make their own masterpieces while strengthening fine motor skills.


Little Owls are introduced to numbers, patterns, sequencing and creative problem-based mathematical scenarios.  Multisensory drills are incorporated to create a strong foundation for future math study.


Little Owl Enrichment is excited to offer Lego Education for the promotion of literacy, analytical thinking and creativity! From bridges, and cities, to balloon powered cars, these little owls are building their skills in a creative problem-based learning experience!

Broadway On Main

Broadway On Main  promotes social development and confidence as children are introduced to classic stories and work to create their own characters, storylines and plays!

Nature Noodles

Offered during Spring, Summer and Fall, Nature Noodles uses gardening to introduce children to plant life cycles, soil erosion and conservation while incorporating basic scientific ideas and principles right in our own backyard! Children will act as active farmers and conservationists!