Lego Ed

Little Owl Enrichment is excited to offer Lego Education for the promotion of literacy, analytical thinking and creativity! From bridges, and cities, to balloon powered cars, these little owls are building their skills in a creative problem-based learning experience!


Introduction and development of mathematical concepts in a multisensory setting promoting a love of math! Addition, subtraction, sequencing, geometry and patterns are hidden in intelligent play to create a strong foundation of mathematical understanding.

Painting for Owls

Children are now introduced to actual concepts of drawing and painting. Concepts around colors, shapes, shadows and strokes come together to touch multiple subject areas while working on fine motor development and handwriting skills.


Research has shown us the connection between music and creative analytical thinking. Our music workshop facilitates the development of number sense by introducing music reading with a fun hands on approach! Watch as these little owls begin to analyze music and develop their higher order thinking!

Coding for Kids

Computer programming incorporates principles of problem based learning in a creative way that allows for the development of technological and computational skills! Little Owls learn the basics of coding and create their own interactive games and programs!

Reading Monsters

Using research supported multisensory techniques for the instruction of phonics, Reading Monsters works to create solid higher level connections for early readers. By mastering letters and developing phonemic awareness, children learn to read and write for mastery...and have fun along the way!