Literacy is more of a journey than we know. The successful decoding, phonemic awareness and comprehension we wish our children to acheive can only happen if this journey is filled with personalized and insightful experiences that allow a child to make natural age appropriate connections through multisensory methodologies. Our workshops using the Orton-Gillingham method, facilitate this learning through research-based phonics drills and instruction.


It certainly takes a village to raise a child. Except, our current times don't always facilitate the kind of communities of generations past. Instead, our lives are overwhelmed with scheduled individualized everythings! Little Owl offers children a place to grow confident in discussing and exploring their most valued role... themselves! Our leadership & citizenship workshops serve to reflect on the self, one's place in his/her community and above all, one's responsibility and accountability to contribute to each other's growth as quality leaders and citizens. 


Whether we see it yet or not, our children have fierce international competition in the math and sciences.  Research suggests however, that the most essential tool in their future success lies in strong problem solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking. Here at Little Owl, we offer carefully designed workshops that support the exploration of the entire problem solving process. Students learn to identify the problem, evaluate their own knoweldge gaps, research information and implement their newly acquired knowledge and tools. Whether building robots or creating computer programs, our little owls learn to feel confident in attacking any new problem or adventure!


As our cultural diversity grows exponentially, so should our consideration of it. Our workshops provide children with an opportunity to explore and celebrate our cultural similarities and differences. While we examine and share our own roots we also examine the way we come together as a community.



What is the town of Cranbury without fun?! Little Owl Enrichment is proud to be part of Cranbury's beautiful, family-oriented and historic community where family fun is a priority! Special workshops in music, art, cooking, fitness and nature will facilitate a family learning experience sure to make great memories! Make sure to check Little Owl's schedule for our next fun-day special


Parenthood should come with a brilliant with do's and don'ts and everything in between. Unforunately, we have yet to find that one resource to answer the crazy questions, scenarios and problems that parents face in raising a family. Here at Little Owl Enrichment, support groups, early development specialists and even medical professionals are offering workshops to help answer the many questions that family life brings.