Lego Education

Using inquiry and problem based learning Little Owl focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) using Lego Ed's systems of creative building. From types of energy to robotics, our Lego workshops develop critical thinking and creativity with one of a kind learning experiences.

Coding for Kids

Computer programming allows for the creative development of technological and computational skills! Little Owls learn the basics of coding with basic robot coding and create their own interactive games and programs using Tynker and Greenfoot!


Using a blend of kinesthetic and multisensory activities, children are provided with creative yet explicit mathematical instruction and then given open problem based scenarios to apply their growing knowledge. Using Singapore Math to promote mental math comuptation.

Reading Monsters

Using research-based multisensory approaches to enhance each child's literacy. Whether seeking enrichment or intervention, Little Owl offers assessment services and will create individualized reading and spelling workshops to overcome each child's weaknesses and promote their strengths. Using multiple apporaches including Wilson and Orton Gillingham.

Artistic Avenues

Children are led by revered local artist Kathleen Maguire Morolda in a journey of true art! Principles of painting, art history and freedom in artistic expression are the heart of this beautiful workshop!

Owl Writing Press

Owl Press Writing offers a comprehensive writing workshop for the exploration of various writing genres. Children will work as a team to write reviews, bios, articles and learn to research, report, edit and develop their writing creatively.

Homework Haven

Immediately after school, Little Owls are given an opportunity to complete some homework with stanby assistance before beginning our comprehensive workshops!