Samantha is a Montessori trained educator with degrees in both Early Childhood Education and Journalism from the University of Massachusetts and a Master's degree in Special Education from the Bank Street College of Education in New York City. Samantha heads our early development program and works to promote the intellectual and social growth of children from 6 months to 4 years. As an insightful mother of two herself, Samantha also brings a passion to educate fellow parents in the journey of parenthood and provide them with as many resources and skills as possible. She has thus started a private consulting practice and holds workshops and lectures for parents and teachers here at Little Owl and in the New York/New Jersey area on a variety of topics.

S A M A N T H A    A N D R E W S

A note from Samantha...

After many years of teaching toddlers, preschoolers and infants in an Early Childhood setting and obtaining a Master’s Degree in Special Education, my husband and I made the decision to start our own family. It was then that I began to notice how many parents I was meeting on playgrounds and in nursery school settings were looking for guidance and support when it came to raising young children.

These days there are so many theories and belief systems about parenting. It’s hard to know where to start or who to read when a question comes up about a child’s behavior, at home or in a school setting. I know this from my own experience and it can feel daunting and overwhelming at times to be searching for answers while your child is struggling. The parents I meet everyday want to know how to move forward during these challenging situations in order to insure that their child’s home and school experiences remain positive.

That is why, at the encouragement of my colleagues, friends and family, I decided it is was time for me to contribute my knowledge base and apply my skills to the educational community once again, by leading workshops for parents and Early Childhood teachers.

Join me this fall at Little Owl Enrichment for a workshop on...

Potty Training 101: How to Recognize the Signs of Readiness and Meet the Milestone Successfully with a Child.

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