Meet our instructors

Penny G. Ftikas M.Ed.

Director & Owner

Panagiota has a B.S from Rutgers University and a Master's degree in Education from Rutgers, Graduate School of Education: Concentration in Learning, Cognition and Development. She is also currently obtaining a Doctorate of Education with a concentration in the Design of Learning Environments. Her experience, research and area of interest is in transfer...a learner's process of achieving true mastery within a subject area. Panagiota’s experience and goals for Little Owl Enrichment are centered around the optimization of students' learning experiences to achieve deep understandings  through the use of creative problem-based learning scenarios. She is the proud owner of Little Owl Enrichment and is an enthusiastic mother of two seeking to provide the kind of educational service she’s always sought out for her own children.

Samantha Andrews M.Ed.

Samantha is a Montessori trained educator with BA degrees in both Early Childhood Education and Journalism from the University of Massachusetts and a Master's degree in Special Education from the Bank Street College of Education in New York City. Her professional interests surround a philosophy of natural educational opportunity for children that focuses on inquiry-based play. Samantha heads our early development program and works to promote the intellectual and social growth of children from 6 months to 4 years. As an insightful mother of two herself, Samantha also brings a passion to educate fellow parents in the journey of parenthood and provide them with as many resources and skills as possible. She has thus started a private consulting practice  and holds workshops and lectures for parents and teachers in the New York/New Jersey area on a variety of topics. Please check our "What's New?!" page (coming soon) for upcoming seminars and learning opporunities!

Stephanie Arhontoulis M.Ed.

Stephanie is a graduate of Rutgers Business School with a degree in marketing and a love for education that led her back to the Rutgers Graduate School of Education for a Masters degree in Early Education. She is now a NJ Certified K-5 teacher focused on the development of students’ creative analytical thinking. As a passionate educator and mother of three young children, Stephanie’s enthusiasm for Little Owl Enrichment comes from her desire to provide children with a learning experience centered in deep understandings that connect a child’s knowledge with the real world in meaningful ways.

Arete Bouhlas M.C.I.S

Arete is an exciting addition to our Little Owl team as both our certified yoga instructor (CYT-200), and writing workshop instructor for Little Owl Press! Arete has a BA from Monmouth University and a Masters degree in Communication & Information Studies from Rutgers University.  She currently teaches for the Rutgers University Undergraduate Writing Program and brings a great passion for the promotion of literacy among young writers. With her creative insight and experience, Little Owl Enrichment will be publishing its own magazine full of your children's brilliant writing!

Sandy Kalogridis

Sandy is a graduate of Rider University with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a NJ teaching certificate in Elementary Education K-5. She is an insightful educator experienced in working with children of all ages and is eager to work with children to promote their literacy and analytical thinking through the exploration of the arts AND sciences. Sandy is a proud mother of four and has genuine insight into the development of well-adjusted and open-minded learners!

our staff

Jennifer Rinaldi

center coordinator

Jennifer is an invaluable addition to our Little Owl family! Her warmth and enthusiasm are contagious among students and staff here at the Owl! Jennifer is a certified K-8 teacher with a Bachelor's degree from Marshall University and a dream to run a facility that enriches the lives of children. As a Cranbury resident and mother of two boys, Jennifer has a wonderful way of reaching both children and their families on a thoughtful personal level. She is always here to assist our families in any capacity!